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‘Slaughterhouse’ shooting kicks off

The production for Iranian film ‘Slaughterhouse’ kicks off.

The production for Iranian film ‘Slaughterhouse’ kicks off.

The movie directed by Abad Amini has started capturing various scenes in the city of Abadan.

‘Slaughterhouse’ has already taken on Baran Kosari, Mani Haqiqi and Amir-Hossein Fathi as stars to appear in the flick.

The script for the film which has been co-written by Abbas Amini and Hossein Farrokhzadeh is a narrative of some contemporary social issues.

According to a media report, the project will kick off shooting soon and some of the filming locations have been announced to be in the capital city, Tehran and in the south of the country.

Amini has so far directed a number of successful hits including ‘Hendi and Hormoz’, a title which has already attended some prestigious film events.