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Iranian director talks about his feature film ‘Komur’

Iranian director Esmaeel Monsef talks about Iran-France co-production ‘Komur’.

Esmaeel Monsef, director of the Iran-France co-production ‘Komur’, has talked about his feature film as it is being premiered in the Art & Experience group.

The film which is produced by Etienne de Ricaud, Nader Takmil-Homayoun and Nasim Mahmoudi will be premiered in France soon.

Monsef says “almost five years ago de Ricaud called me and said he had watched my short films. He asked me to make a long feature film together”.

“The plan for ‘Komur’ was my idea. I had previously made three short films with the same theme, but ‘Komur’ was the most important to me. I longed to show how people are belittled. Because humiliation makes people to finally think of taking revenge”, the director adds.

Concerning the language of the film, he says “it is about Turks and their culture, so I wanted to make the film in Turkish language. I didn’t want to make a film with Turkish settings, but Persian language”.

The flick narrates the story of Gheirat, a modest charcoal producer, who is pushed into a tragic spiral after his son is sentenced to jail.

Hadi Eftekharzadeh, Zhila Shahi, Yousef Yazdani, and Farid Adhami are among the cast members.

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