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Will Elnaz Shakerdoust surprise her fans?

Iran theaters are waiting for Elnaz Shakerdoust to shine in the new film ‘Motreb’.

Elnaz Shakerdoust, the actress of Iran’s celebrated feature film ‘When the Moon Was Full’ is back with a new film titled ‘Motreb’. Shakerdoust has been prolific in her career and has been popular among movie lovers but her appearance in Narges Abyar’s film brought her under the spotlight. Now that her new film ‘Motreb’ is waiting to be premiered, she is in the public eye.

As Shakerdoust told ifilm in an exclusive interview, the 35-year-old actress had a near-death experience that prevented her from working but changed and transformed her. After two or three years of being out of business, she came back like a trained actor. To read the full interview click here.

Shakerdoust has appeared in a good number of movies and series including ‘Ice Flower’ (2004), ‘Murder Online’ (2005) ‘The Night Bus’ (2006), 'Rules of the Game' (2006), ‘Two Sisters’ (2008), etc.

She has been applauded for her roles in ‘Asphyxia’ (2017) by Fereydoun Jeyrani and ‘When the Moon Was Full’ (2019) by Narges Abyar. Now her fans are waiting to see her performance in ‘Motreb’ (2019) by Mostafa Kiaee.


Shakerdoust co-starred Navid Mohammadzadeh in Jeyrani’s movie.

"Masoud’s wife suffers from nervous tensions and he has to take her to the psychiatric hospital,” a brief synopsis for the film read.

The film which was praised by leading US film magazine Hollywood Reporter went on screen in several festivals and theaters including Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia, Filmpalast Köln Theater in Cologne, and New Horizons International Film Festival in Poland.

‘When the Moon Was Full’

Abyar’s film won as many as six main awards of the 37th Fajr Film Festival, including Best Leading Actress for Elnaz Shakerdoust.

‘When the Moon Was Full’ is about Abdul-Hamid Rigi, the younger brother of Abdul-Malik Rigi who was a notorious terrorist and former leader of the Jundallah terrorist group in southeastern Iran.

Hamid Rigi marries Faezeh Mansouri, a woman from Tehran. Faezeh is forced to leave her homeland along with her brother, Shahab, to live in Pakistan where they find themselves involved in the Jundallah rebel activities.

Film critic Deborah Young writes in a review published in Hollywood Reporter “charming lead actors such as Elnaz Shakerdoust attract the audience. Shakerdoust has the role of a cheerful young wife who doesn’t wake up to where her new husband is leading her until she is in the middle of a nightmare”.


Kiaee’s film is scheduled to go on the public screens across Iran after the mourning lunar month of Safar.

‘Motreb’ finished the shooting stage in the Turkish city of Istanbul about seven months ago.

“They don’t accept us and call us instrument player,” a synopsis for the film reads. It’s about an Iranian family that arrives in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

We are waiting to see how the audiences receive the film and the performance of Shakerdoust.

What’s your idea? Will Shakerdoust shine in her new role?

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