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‘Prophet Moses’ to showcase Islamic Revolution perfect art: Producer

Producer of Prophet Moses’ says the series is set to show the perfect art of the Islamic Revolution.

Producer of new historical Iranian series says ‘Prophet Moses’ is set to showcase the art of the Islamic Revolution at its zenith.

Ahmad Miralaee said to local media that the series is still in the making with the set design going on in one of cinematic towns in the country.

He also noted that the series running for 52 episodes features the lifetime of the prophet from birth till demise, adding, “This project shows the highest from of Islamic Revolution art due to quality of the storyline and its ups and downs.”

Mentioned in the Holy Quran, Moses [PBUH] is a prophet in Abrahamic religions.

Regarding the health condition of the project’s director, he said that "Jamal Shourjeh is recovering and hopefully he will get back to work once doctors confirm.”

Shourjeh was born in the Iranian city of Zanjan on February 11, 1955. He has directed a number of war-themed movies, including ‘Kirkuk Mission’, ‘Edge of Blade’, and ‘Passing Crimson Line’.