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Tehran Short Film Festival announces experimental titles

The 36th Tehran Int’l Short Film Festival announces lineup of experimental titles.

The 36th edition of the Tehran International Short Film Festival (TISFF) in Iran has announced the lineup of experimental titles in the running.

The event’s selection committee, comprised of Seyyed-Vahid Hosseini-Nami, Armin Isarian, and Majid Barzegar, chose 27 films from a total of 197 submitted experimental titles.

The lineup includes ‘Face to Face’ by Seyyed-Alireza Hosseini, ‘Wandering White Snows’ by Mohammad-Reza Vatan-Doust, ‘Gaze’ by Somayyeh and Maryam-Sadat Makinejad, ‘Sinful Pleasures’ by Mehdi Fard-Qaderi, ‘Mr. X’ by Siavash Najafpourfard, and ‘War and Peace’ by Ehsan Mirzaee.

‘Intersection’ by Hassan Vahdani-Abriz, ‘Baptism Bullets’ by Zivar Hojjati, ‘Earth Style’ by Payam Rezaee, ‘White Tree’ by Farima Khalili, ‘Divine Comedy’ by Behnaz Zahmatkesh, ‘History Scene’ by Sahand Sarhaddi, ‘Faceless Faces’ by Hessam Rahmani, ‘Waves of Imagination’ by Ali Gholami, as well as ‘Hope’ by Mehdi Hossein-Qoli and Mojtaba Zarghampour are also in the lineup.

The list goes on with ‘Life is Beautiful’ by Mostafa Rahimi, ‘’When a Woman is Sitting Besides a Flower Gets Tired After 154 Years’ by Shahriar Hanifeh, ‘Soup’ by Tiam Yabandeh, ‘Silence Forever’ by Saman Arianpour, ‘Emergence’ by Abtin Mozaffari, ‘Heavy Shadows of Crow’ by Behnam Asadollahi, and ‘Room of Light’ by Pouya Aqelizadeh, among the others.

The secretariat of the event has received more than 1600 short films from around the world.

In addition to 197 short experimental films, the submitted titles include 21 short features, 297 short documentaries, and 133 short animations.

Directed by Seyyed-Sadeq Mousavi, the festival will be held in different sections, including national, international and special. This edition of the TISFF will host a new section dedicated to cinema and book.

Organized by Iranian Youth Cinema Society IYCS, affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance and a member of International Short Film Conference, the TISFF is aimed to provide an opportunity for young filmmakers to exchange their experiences.

The 36th TISFF is slated for November 10-15, 2019.