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‘Prophet Joseph’ star acts moderately for Zoleykha

Iranian actress Mahvash Sabrkon talks about her role in ifilm popular series ‘Prophet Joseph’.

Iranian actress Mahvash Sabrkon has given details about her role in ifilm popular series ‘Prophet Joseph’.

Sabrkon told the media that the role she played in the all-time popular TV series on Prophet Joseph’s life was totally fictional. According to her, the role was the creation of the scriptwriter of the show for some dramatic purposes.

She was asked not to use her body language in order for the role to be less prominent than that of Zoleykha portrayed by Katayoun Riahi. Sabrkon described it as the most challenging part of her role.

The actress explained how the late Farajollah Salahshour, the director of the series, believed that this was the story of Joseph and Zoleykha and that was the reason why the other actors had to be more modest in acting so that the two starring roles would look more outstanding.

The star of ‘After the Rain’ has an interesting opinion on the difference between playing a protagonist and playing an antagonist. To her, the real challenge lies in the latter, as she said it provides better chances for portraying one’s acting talents. She also mentioned that as an actress, she does not favor the roles that involve merely sitting around a table and dining.

Sabrkon is a prolific actress and ifilm has so far showed a big number of her works. To read more about the star click here.