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Iran veteran actor Ebrahim Abadi dies at 85

Ebrahim Abadi has passed away at the age of 85 in the Iranian capital city of Tehran.

Veteran stage and cinema actor Ebrahim Abadi has passed away on Wednesday evening at the age of 85 in the Iranian capital city of Tehran.

The actor Abadi, who had been in a coma for days brought on by lung disease, died on October 31, 2019.

Abadi had gone through lengthy treatment as doctors battled to save his life, undergoing a recent operation on October 21, and thereafter he had been comatose for 11 days and died in hospital. He is survived by his wife and their 5 children.  

Iran local media posted news of Abadi’s death with a funeral timetable yet to be announced. 

Abadi, born on August 15, 1934, had performed in many films and series released between 1984 and 2016; and was nominated the best supporting actor award at the 9th edition of Fajr Film Festival for ‘Apartment No. 13’. 

ifilm viewers may remember the late actor with his starring role in ‘In the Eye of the Storm’, ‘Third Sense’, ‘The Tenth Night’, ‘I Want to Stay Alive’, 'Mummy 3' and ‘Tokyo, Non-Stop’.