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A small talk with ‘Born in 1987’ film crew

‘Born in 1987’ film crew has sat for a small talk with ifilm camera.

‘Born in 1987’ film crew has sat for a small talk with ifilm camera.

The generation gap is a hotly debated topic in most societies. In Iran, the numbers of people that are born in the 1980s are much higher in any other decade and they are completely different from their previous and next generations; this is while every generation has their own unique features. And Majid Tavakkoli’s debut feature has touched upon this uniqueness.   

The characters in ‘Born 1986’ - as put by Tavakkoli – “are all naughty characters and because of that they are easy to like. So the game they start is a fair and energetic game; something we lack in the cinema industry of Iran.”

The romantic drama tells the story of a young couple who like to experience the life of the wealthy. They assume the role of a much wealthier couple in order to spend their days with the rich people.

The adventure begins with playful games that take the audience on a comic ride but it ends in horror when the young couple find themselves locked up in an apartment, facing a case of mistaken identities.

It might be interesting to know what was the initial idea for making ‘Born in 1987’. The director says, “The idea was brought up when social media platforms found a special place in our country.” He believes that what is shown on social media is not the true reality of people. 

In this unique tale of a familiar theme, there are two naughty characters well played by Pedram Sharifi and Hengameh Hamidzadeh.  Sharifi might share some naughtiness of the character as he says, “The naughty characteristics of Afshar are somehow very similar to my real character. But he is so courageous and he makes fun of anything he wants. I am not his courageous in comparison to Afshar.”

The flick attended the 35th edition of Fajr Film Festival in Iran where it bagged two Crystal Simorghs for Best Film and Best Director at the New Vision section of the event.

‘Born in 1987’ has been received pretty well by the critics as well. A commendable note on this comes as saying, “At whole twisted, unpredictable, funny and thrilling, Tavakkoli’s film is a masterful, beautifully acted, cleverly composed exercise in building suspense.”

‘Born in 1987’ will be screened on ifilm English at 22:00 GMT tonight.  To know more about the movie, click here.