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‘Fascinated by Love’ outs new image

Iranian movie on Rumi ‘Fascinated by Love’ publishes new on-set photo.

Iranian movie on Rumi ‘Fascinated by Love’ has published a new on-set photo featuring Hessam Manzour.

Directed by Hassan Fathi, the new star-studded biopic which is currently in the shooting stage has published a picture depicting Iranian actor Hessam Manzour whose presence in the flick has been announced in an earlier report.

Star in ‘Tales of Manifestation’ started off as a stage actor in 2003. He later joined some TV projects such as ‘Dear Brother’ and ‘Lady of the Mansion’.

‘Fascinated by Love’ narrates the life story of the world-known Iranian poet Rumi in the Turkish city of Konya.

Iranian mega-stars Shahab Hosseini and Parsa Pirouzfar are also among the cast members of the flick. The film has cast a number of Turk stars as well.

The Image shows Shahab Hosseini and Parsa Pirouzfar’s movie makeup.

The screenplay of the film has been developed by Fathi and Farhad Tohidi.