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Iran’s cultural offices to celebrate Nowruz in 31 countries

Iran’s cultural offices in 31 countries are to celebrate Persian New Year.

Iran’s cultural offices in 31 countries have been scheduled to celebrate Nowruz or the Persian New Year.

Starting the celebration on March 20, the Iranian offices will continue the programs until April 2.

A number of Iranian groups are set to perform musical and theatrical programs as well as cultural festivals and exhibition during the celebration.

Iran’s Islamic Culture and Relations Organization is the main organizer of the events.

Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, South Africa, the Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Azerbaijan, India, Turkey, and Russia are among the countries to play host to the Iranian events.

The Persian New Year starts with the beginning of spring and equinox in Iran, where people hold ceremonies for the onset of the season. This year, Nowruz celebration starts on March 20, 2017.