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Iran’s doc ‘Lotus’ reveals the life of a lonely woman

Iranian documentary ‘Lotus’ brings the audience the story of an old woman and her unique life.

Flames are dancing in the stove, and the smell of the burning wood fills the room. Outside, snow is falling and the old woman, sitting behind the window, stares at the farthest spot of the endless lake.

Lonely and restless, the woman spends nights and days with the memories of a loved one. But time passes, seasons come and go one after another, but this savage winter brings no one.

Looking at the blue sky and watching the moving clouds, the woman whispers “I wish I were a cloud and I could go to him”.  

Directed by Mohammad-Reza Vatandoust, the touching documentary ‘Lotus’ shows you the life of a woman who has been waiting for 12 years to get permission to enter a remote island and meet its only resident.

Watching the piece, you will get to know a woman who missed her martyred son.

‘Lotus’ has so far attended the National competition section and the Shahid Avini Award Competition section at the 11th Iran International Documentary Film Festival of Cinema Verite, the 24th LA Film Festival in the US, the 21st Cervino Cinemountain International Film Festival in Italy, as well as the 25th Sheffield International Documentary Festival and the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society (Poly) in the UK.

Vatandoust’s doc has bagged a number of awards which are as follows:

The Best Documentary Jury Award of the 2019 Nature and Cinema Exhibition ‘ForadCamp’ in Spain

The Best Director Documentary award at the 18th edition of the Beirut International Film Festival (BIFF) in Lebanon

The Artistic Vision Award at the 16th Big Sky Documentary Film Festival (BSFI) in the US

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