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Popular comedians to costar again

Popular Iranian comedians, Siamak Ansari and Javad Razavian are to appear in a comedy series soon.

Popular Iranian comedians Siamak Ansari and Javad Razavian are to costar in a comedy series soon.

The actors will appear in a 90-episode series which is slated to air on Iran national TV, IRIB.

The details of the series are yet to be released.

Ansari is mostly known for his roles in Mehran Modiri's comedy series such as 'Tiptoe' (2002), 'Dotted Line' (2003-2004), 'The Grand Prize' (2005), 'Barareh Nights' (2005), 'Mozaffar’s Garden' (2006), 'The Man of a Thousand Faces' (2007), 'The Man of Two Thousand Faces' (2008), 'Bitter Coffee' (2009), 'My Villa' (2012), 'I'm Just Kidding' (2013), and 'In Hashieh' (2014-2015).

He has acted in series such as 'The Kind Moon' (1995), 'Days of Youth' (1997), 'These People of the Earth' (2000-2001), 'Detective Shamsi and the Madam' (2001-2002), 'If My Dad Were Alive' (2004), and 'The Idiot' (2014) as well.

He has also appeared in movies such as 'Help Me' (1997), 'The Burnt Generation' (1999), 'Sweet Jam' (2001), 'Down and Out' (2007), 'Invitation' (2008), and 'Crime' (2010).

Razavian has acted in movies such as 'A Flower for the Bride' (2004), 'A Hat for Baran’ (2006), 'Mandatory Addiction' (2007), 'Ten Figures' (2008), 'The Outcast 2' (2008), 'On My Father's Soul' (2009), 'Sour Lemon' (2010), 'The Carriage' (2012), and 'High-Heel' (2014).

He has also appeared in series such as 'The Grand Prize' (2005), 'My Dad’s Inheritance' (2005), 'The Residential Base' (2005), 'Great Escape' (2006), 'Checkered' (2007), 'Rooster' (2012), 'I’m Just Kidding' (2013), and 'In Hashieh' (2015).

While Razavian has also had some directorial experience such as 'Special Guests' (2011), he is mostly considered a comedian. He has used his singing skills to release several songs as well.