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ifilm exclusive report on Iranian feature ‘A Man Without Shadow’

Watch ifilm exclusive report on Iranian feature ‘A Man Without Shadow’ by Alireza Raeesian.

ifilm English TV has published an exclusive report on Iranian Feature ‘A Man Without Shadow’, written and directed by Alireza Raeesian.

ifilm has interviewed the actors Nader Fallah and Siamak Atlasi, as well as the director of photography Masoud Salami, the music composer Sattar Oraki, and the director.

The film depicts some emotional and matrimonial challenges of Iranian modern society.

A brief synopsis for the flick reads, “Mahan, a documentarian, makes a film about a husband who was suspicious of his wife. After the film was out, he got sued and consequently lost his job. Sayeh, his wife, must find a job to make their ends meet. Now that her job as an interpreter entails business trips to Spain, Mahan finds himself in the shoes of a suspicious spouse”.

In addition to Fallah and Atlasi, the cast of the film includes Leila Hatami, Ali Mosaffa, Farhad Aslani, Amir Aqaee, Gohar Kheirandish, and Nasim Adabi.

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