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Two more actors join ‘Shahrbanou’

Mehrdad Seddiqian and Mohammad-Reza Ghafari reunite in new flick.

Mehrdad Seddiqian and Mohammad-Reza Ghafari are set to reunite as the newest members of the cast of ‘Shahrbanou’.

The two actors will be joining Fereshteh Sadr-Orafaee as the latest additions to director Maryam Bahrololoumi’s second film as director.

‘Shahrbanou’ will be the third film Seddiqian and Ghafari costar together, following their previous appearances in the films ‘Bending the Rules’ and ‘Tsunami’.

Produced by Pegah Ahmadi, ‘Shahbanou’ is a social drama which narrates the story of a family dealing with a certain challenge.

Mohammad-Reza Ghaffari has appeared in ifilm series ‘The Chef’, as well as Mehdi Rahmani’s 2013 film ‘Snow’ in which he received high praises from critics.

Award-winning actor Mehrdad Seddiqian is no stranger to ifilm viewers. He has appeared in ‘Madineh’, ‘The Wall’, ‘Bewilderment’, ‘Arvand’, ‘Midday Adventures’, and most recently ‘Fall of an Angel’.