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Saturday November 9, 2019 18:50344

Iran director flaunts martial arts prowess

Famed Iran director of cop series has revealed martial arts skills in backstage of one of his movie

Mehdi Fakhimzadeh flaunts martial arts expertise in footage taken from behind-the-scenes of his new movie

His latest offering ‘The Last Punch’ has the artist as the director, screenwriter and actor.

Fakhimzadeh, whose films have frequently appeared on ifilm, is mostly known for his roles in ifilm series ‘Asleep and Awake’, ‘Third Sense’, ‘Cry Out in Silence’, ‘Building No.85’, and ‘Lean on the Wind’.

Gohar Kheirandish, Ahmad Najafi, Ramin Rastad, Golnaz Khalesi, Hamid-Reza Qolikhani, Siavash Memarzadeh, Atena Mahyari, and Fakhimzadeh himself will be starring in ‘The Last Punch’.