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‘I’m a Tenant’ actor talks with ifilm on comic reasons

In a brief talk with ifilm, actor of ‘I’m a Tenant’ series reveals why he prefers comic works to more serious genres.

In a short exclusive interview with ifilm, popular Iran actor Saeed Aqakhani talks about his reasoning to pick comedy works among various genres in cinema and Television.

The actor/director is no stranger to ifilmers with his performances and direction in the likes of  ‘I’m a Tenant’ and ‘Cops and Robbers’.

When asked in the interview regarding his choice for comic movies and series, Aqakhani said, “I have a few reasons for this. First, life is harder today and I love making an effort to kind of put a smile on people’s faces. That’s my belief and I mean it. It is not just the talk.”

He added, “In the second place, I haven’t had the opportunity to this day to make a social drama for TV. If I ever get the chance, I’ll take it up for sure.”     

The actor also said of his criteria to join a project, “I definitely pick any suitable offer for acting. However, if there is no good offer, I just pass.”

“Personally, I don’t pick and choose when it comes to various genres. Technically, I have no preference to act either on TV or in cinema,”  ‘The Occupiers’ director notes, adding, “I just focus on presenting the best performances.”