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First Iranian female historian goes into series

Biopic on Iran first female poet and historian is set to be made.

Biopic series on Iran first female poet and historian Mastoureh Ardalan is set to produced and launched.

The notable woman born in the 19th century was a rarity of her time as the first female historian hailing from Iran.

She was a Kurdish poet, historian and writer at the time when many women were illiterate and were never permitted to go to maktabkhaneh (old schools of Iran). 

Director Qotbodin Sadeqi who is at the helm of this project said to the local media that, “Mastoureh Ardalan is a great woman living around 220 years back. She was the first woman in Iran as well as the Middle East and Asia known for her poetry and history-themed works.”

A statue of Mastoureh, built by the great contemporary Kurdish sculptor, Hadi Ziauddini, has been installed in the Iranian city of Sanandaj.

The series runs in 10 episodes under the auspices of the IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting).