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New series ‘Artery’ casts ifilm stars

New Iranian series ‘Artery’ announces cast members, publishes makeup images.

New Iranian series ‘Artery’ has announced a number of its cast members publishing makeup images.

Directed by Seyyed-Jalal Ashkezari, the new episodic production which is currently at shooting stage has published makeup photos of Nima Raeesi, Abbas Ghazali and Mehdi Solouki for the flick.

Abbas Ghazali, star in ‘Like a Mother

Nima Raeesi, star in ‘Father

Mehdi Solouki, star in ‘Setayesh

A brief synopsis for the 30-episode series reads, “During the restless years following the Islamic revolution in Iran, a special group were summoned to take part in a huge operation. The group has a great responsibility as the clock is ticking on a number of bombs in Tehran”.