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‘Mr. Mayor’ turned into movie, director says

Iran's TV series ‘Mr. Mayor’ is turned into movie to apply for Iranian festivals, director says.

Iranian television series ‘Mr. Mayor’ has been turned into movie and set to apply for Iran’s Ammar Popular Film Festival as well as the Cinema Verite, the director Mehdi Ramazani has said.

The director of ‘Mr. Mayor’ said the editing stage for the final version of the film has recently been completed and thereby it would be screened at the Ammar Popular Film Festival as well as Iran's major documentary film festival, the Cinema Verite.

Written by Hadi Fallahi and Ramezani, ‘Mr. Mayor’ is made in the form of short stories based on the life of martyr Mehdi Bakeri, especially his work in the municipality of Urmia, among others, according to the director.

Over the past decade, Iran’s major documentary film festival, the Cinema Vérité, has emerged as one of the important events on Iran's documentary film calendar.

Meanwhile, the Ammar Popular Film Festival goes against the promotion of “individualism and extreme enjoyment without caring about the society's troubles and other humans’ suppression,” the event’s official website reads.

The festival aims “to raise real awareness and responsibility among the general public,” the website adds, noting that the event’s mission is to create an atmosphere in which independent filmmakers and thinkers can gather together.