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Fajr int’l issues first press release

Fajr Int’l Film Festival provides details on 2020 event.

In a recent press release, the Fajr International Film Festival’s administrative office provided details on its 38th annual event.

This year’s event will be directed by Iranian filmmaker Mohammad-Mehdi Asgarpour.

Registration for the festival will begin tomorrow with filmmakers having until the 20th of February to register for the event and until the 24th of February to submit their films to the festival’s website.

The cinematic event will feature competitive as well as non-competitive categories, with the festival’s International Competition as well as the Competition of Asian Cinema being among the highlights of its competitive awards.

Iranian director, producer, and screenwriter Mohammad-Mehdi Asgarpour entered the world of filmmaking in 1988 as a director of short films.

His career path led him to the cinema and television industry, which included numerous hits such as the 1995 series ‘Ruhollah’, ‘Flight in Infinity’, and ‘Five Past Seven’.

His feature film ‘We Have a Guest’ and television series ‘Madness of Love’, ‘Injury’, and ‘Warm Breath’ are among his titles that have recently appeared on ifilm.

Since its establishment in 1982, the Fajr International Film Festival has played a vital role in the development of Iranian Cinema.

Every year, the festival hosts two separate events – a national competition and an international competition.

The festival’s 38th annual international competition is scheduled to be held April 16-24, 2020 in Iran’s capital city of Tehran.