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ifilm English to air ‘Amir Kabir’ finale

ifilm English to air the final episode of ‘Amir Kabir’ tonight.

ifilm English will be airing the final episode of the historic ‘Amir Kabir’ series on Friday.

Amir Kabir is the story of one of Iran’s most notable historic figures during the era of Iran’s Qajar dynasty, serving as chancellor of Iran under the monarch Naser al-Din Shah.

As a patriotic individual who served the people, the revolutionary nature of his policies were ahead of his time, and did not sit well with the kingdom’s court members, the king’s mother, and the foreign entities who took advantage of the submissive and complacent personalities of Iran’s rulers.

Directed by Saeed Nikpour, the series stars the director himself, Fakhri Khorvash, Parviz Pour-Hosseini, Iraj Rad, Mohammad Motee, Fakhreddin Seddiq-Sharif, and Zhaleh Olov, among others.

The finale of the series will be aired November 15 at 19:00 GMT and will be re-aired the following day at 3:00, 8:00, and 14:00 GMT.

Replacing ‘Amir Kabir’ will be another historic series ‘Mirza Koochack Khan’ directed by veteran filmmaker Behrouz Afkhami.