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'Prophet Moses’ to begin shooting in spring

Iranian director Jamal Shourjeh is to begin shooting for 'Prophet Moses [PBUH]’ next spring.

Iranian director Jamal Shourjeh has scheduled to begin shooting for his new series 'Prophet Moses [PBUH]’ next spring as he has recovered from a stroke.

The prominent filmmaker underwent a surgery to remove a blood clot that he suffered in April.

The pre-production stage of 'Prophet Moses [PBUH]’ will resume soon as Shourjeh’s health is improving, the film and television producer Seyyed-Ahmad Mir-Alaee said, adding that the shooting for the series is scheduled to begin in the middle of spring.

Mir-Alaee further said the actor who is supposed to play the role of Prophet Moses [PBUH] has not been named yet.

He also noted that a foreign actor could be cast in the series.

The biopic TV series on Prophet Moses [PBUH] is based on Quranic descriptions and references from 'Tafsir al-Mizan'.

'Tafsir al-Mizan' is an exegesis of the holy Quran. It was written by Allamah Seyyed Mohammad-Hossein Tabatabaee.

Moses [PBUH] is a prophet in Abrahamic religions. He has been mentioned in the Holy Quran.