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Iranian ‘Pet Man’ succeeds in int'l fests

Iranian Animation ‘Pet Man’ brings home several international awards.

The Iranian animation ‘Pet Man’ directed by Marzieh Abrar-Paydar has been successful in several international festivals and brought home awards.

The animation makes the audience to put himself in the shoes of a pet and feels what the pet feels.

The 2016-produced animation depicts an animal dealer who finds himself in an animal cage. The man who is frightened and shocked by the situation tries to escape from the animals that are following him. While the man is escaping the animals that are armed and are shooting at him, he faces various obstacles.

The outstanding animation has so far attended several international festivals and garnered awards that are as follows:

The Special Award of the International Film Festival ASTERFEST Strumica in Macedonia

The Best Animation Award from the Largo International Film Festival in Switzerland

The Best Animation Award at the Sao Paulo Times Film Festival in Brazil

The Best Animation of Character Award at the 10th Canterbury Anifest in the United Kingdom

The Best Animation Award of the NEZ International Film Festival (NIFF) in India

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