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‘No-Fly Zone’ actors selected from Mosques

Iran’s ‘No-Fly Zone’ selects several actors among the mosque-goer teenagers.

Zeinolabedin Taqipour, who was responsible for selecting the actors for ‘No-Fly Zone’, has revealed new details about the movie.

According to Taqipour, he and Amir Dasagar, the director of the film, searched different places including mosques to find the actors who performed in the movie.

Taqipour interviewed almost 600 teenagers in the mosques of Tehran, Mashhad and Isfahan. He believes that a large number of the teenagers who participated in the interviews were talented and if trained they have the potential to turn to superstars.

The film narrates the story of three teenagers who are preparing to join drone competitions.

While getting ready for the match, the teens notice a Cheetah appearing in the area.

In the process of doing the project, they face various obstacles resulting in a conflict with certain people.

Famed Iranian actor Hadi Hejazifar stars in the flick. The other cast members are Mohammad Feyli, Matin Pakzad, Matin Kermani, Alireza Akbari, Ali Zakariaee, Zainolabedin Taqipour, and Bahar Nouhian.

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