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Actress talks on ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ director

Iran actress playing in ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ talks with ifilm on hit series’ director.

Iran actress Niyousha Zeyghami as one of cast members of ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ talks with ifilm on hit series' director.

The actress said to ifilm in an exclusive interview, “The director (Masoud Jafari-Jozani) is very kind. I saw this myself while he was working on the set. What was so special about helming this project was treat me in a way I never got the feeling that I was a first-timer actress.”

She lauded his direction, noting, “He created my make-believe, telling me I should form the belief that I lived in a different era, giving me the framework and key. At the end of the day, it worked out well.”   

Jafari-Jozani directed the series ‘In the Eye of the Storm’ (2003-2009) which depicts the last few decades in modern Iranian history before and after the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

'The Good, the Bad, the Corny' movie aired by ifilm features the actress besides 'In the Eye of the Storm'.