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‘Ahmed Bey’ production nearly complete

Biopic on Algerian national hero in final stages of post-production.

Post-production for Iranian filmmaker Jamal Shourjeh’s latest feature ‘Ahmed Bey’ is nearly finished.

According to a member of the production team, the crew is putting the finishing touches on the technical stages of the project.

A joint production between Iran and Algeria’s film industries, shooting wrapped up nearly a year ago in Algeria.

Following the news of Shourjeh’s illness a few months ago, the film’s production stage faced a few setbacks, but continued where it left off after his health improved.

Based on a true story, ‘Ahmed Bey’ depicts the life of an anti-colonialist freedom fighter and ruler of Constantine in modern day Algeria, during the Ottoman era.

An icon of Algerian independence, Ahmed Bey spent years fighting off French colonizers, turning into a national hero his people.

Produced by Samira Hadj-Djilani, Algerian movie stars make up the bulk of the film’s cast.

‘Ahmed Bey’ is Shourjeh’s first experience working with the Algerian film industry.

The ’33 Days’ director is simultaneously working on the long-awaited ‘Prophet Moses’ series.