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Int’l filmfest of India screening ‘Old Men Never Die’

Iran feature ‘Old Men Never Die’ is on screen at the 50th Int'l Film Festival of India.

Iran feature ‘Old Men Never Die’ has been scheduled to go on screen at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI).

Reza Jamali’s directorial debut is attending the non-competitive Panorama section at the 50th edition of India’s most prestigious film festival.

The 85-minute film is about 100-year-old Aslan who is living with his other single old fellows in a remote village. 

“Since Aslan came to the village 45 years ago, nobody has ever died in the village. Now, most of the population are old and disabled. All being done with life, they believe the only way to bring death back to the village is to commit suicide,” a short synopsis for the film reads.

‘Old Men Never Die’ has attended various film festivals across the globe, succeeding to grab best actor award from the 3rd International Bak Film Festival in Turkey. 

The flick has recently won the Spirit of Asia Award at the 32nd Tokyo International Film Festival in Japan.

According to earlier reports, ‘6.5 per Meter’ and ‘The Warden’ are also representing Iran at the 50th IFFI.

Established in 1952, the IFFI aims to provide a platform for cinemas across the world to showcase the art of filmmaking.

The event is underway in the western Indian state of Goa on November 20-28, 2019.