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Off to an imaginary world with Mahdavian: ifilm exclusive

In an exclusive report, Mohammad-Hossein Mahdavian tells ifilm about second sequel of ‘Midday Adventure’.

In an exclusive report, ‘Midday Adventure’ director Mohammad-Hossein Mahdavian tells ifilm how the movie’s second sequel is different.

The young award-winning Iranian filmmaker says although the story for ‘Midday Adventure: Trace of Blood’ was based on factual grounds, all characters and most of the events that take place on the flick are the product of imagination.

Standing in the Dust’ director then explains this time the story revolves around the two main characters of the story, Sadeq and Kamal, who have been appealing to the audiences and have been brought to life by Javad Ezzati and Hadi Hejazifar.

Although the script for the first offering of the flick was penned by Mahdavian himself and Ebrahim Amini, the second sequel screenplay was the result of collaborative effort between Amini and Hossein Torab-Nejad.