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When prophet Joseph says ‘I do’!

In this grabbing scene, see how prophet Joseph and Zuleikha talk about holy commitments.

In this grabbing scene, prophet Joseph and Zuleikha talk about how their holy commitments in future would be shaped. 

In this cut from ifilm hit series 'Prophet Joseph', the prophet and Zuleika express their consent in the best possible shape through the way God deems appropriate.

Prophet Jacob guides the Israelites to pray to the One and Only God. God annunciates to him about the next prophet, who will be from his own generation. One night, his son, Joseph, dreams about the sun, the moon and eleven stars which kneel in front of him.

He tells Jacob, who advises him not to tell his brothers about the dream. Prophet Joseph is dear to Jews, Christians and Muslims alike. For centuries, the story of his life has been told over and over in many different ways and in many different languages. This is the Iranian version of a very beloved story.