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Sima Tirandaz to direct play ‘Rhapsody’

Sima Tirandaz, the actress of popular series ‘Setayesh’, is to direct new play ‘Rhapsody’.

Sima Tirandaz, the Iranian well-known actress, has planned to bring on stage a new play named ‘Rhapsody’.

The story of the play is not yet revealed. Tirandaz has previously directed several plays.

The actress studied acting in courses taught by famous Iranian actress Golab Adineh.

She has a BA in Dramatic Literature and a Master’s degree in Directing and Acting.

In 1988, she began stage acting in the educational plays of the School of Arts and Literature.

She made her film debut with a short role in ‘Hamoon’ (1989).

She has played in a number of ifilm English Channel series and movies including ‘Chimney’, ‘In the Eye of the Storm’, ‘Setayesh’, ‘Warm Breath’ and ‘Vertigo’.

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