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Iran short ‘Funfair’ wins award in UK

Iranian-Canadian short ‘Funfair’ wins award at the Foyle Film Festival in the UK.

Iranian-Canadian acclaimed short ‘Funfair’ has won an award at the Foyle Film Festival in the UK.

Directed by Kaveh Mazaheri, the social flick has bagged the best international short film award at the 32nd edition of the UK event.

The flick has recently claimed some international awards, including a Special Mention at the Winchester Film Festival in the UK and the Best Screenplay award at the Court en Scene film festival in France.

The film narrates the story of a young married couple and their 5-year-old kid. The three of them are grabbling with financial issues the father of the family has brought upon them.

“Majid, a financially struggling man, comes up with a ploy in order to better the life of his wife, Sara,” a synopsis for the film reads.

The ambiance of ‘Funfair’ is somehow the same as Mazaheri’s most acclaimed short ‘Retouch’ which has so far won a huge number of awards.

In both works there is a woman who finds the chemistry of her relationship with her husband not to be functioning as it is supposed to be.

The Foyle Film Festival features the best short films and animations from around the world.

In 2019, the UK event celebrated two milestones in the festivals history – 20 years of Oscar accreditation and 10 years as a BAFTA affiliated Festival.

The annual event was held on November 15-24, 2019 in Derry, Northern Ireland.