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Cast & director must have sit-down: ‘Cops and Robbers’ actor

Actor of the series ‘Cops and Robbers’ says to ifilm that the interaction between the cast and director is very important.

Actor of the series ‘Cops and Robbers’ says in an ifilm exclusive that the cast and the director must have a discussion during a cinematic project.

‘I love this interaction with the director; I really like that comfort of sitting down together and discussing about the sequence that’s going to be filmed,’ actor Behnam Tashakkor said in an exclusive interview with ifilm.

The series narrates the story of Nasser who has taken a blow to the head while being chased by the police.

He's woken up in a strange house with strange people looking after him. They seem to know him but he doesn't know them.

In this action-packed comedy, Nasser adapts to a world that seems foreign to him in every way, only to find it isn't his world at all.

Behnam Tashakkor, Houman Barghnavard, Hamid Lolaei and Marjaneh Golchin star in ‘Cops and Robbers’.

ifilm English has recently aired the popular series.