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Switzerland to host Mahmoudi brothers' ‘7.5’

The Festival Black Movie in Switzerland is to host Iranian film ‘7.5’.

The Festival Black Movie in Switzerland has scheduled to host Iranian film ‘7.5’.

Directed by Navid Mahmoudi, the movie is an Iran-Afghanistan joint production that will vie at the 2020 edition of the event.

The film narrates the story of seven Iranian and Afghan girls in seven episodes.

The girls are to marry on Friday night, but all of them are engaged in some challenges.

Prior to this, the filmmaking brothers of Mahmoudi have produced ‘A Few Cubic Meters of Love’, ‘Parting’, and 'Break Simultaneously Twenty Bones' (Rona, Azim’s Mother).

The next edition of the Black Movie film festival is slated for January 17-26, 2020.