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Iran to screen ‘Alive’ in December

Iranian movie ‘Alive’ is to hit silver screens in December.

Iranian movie ‘Alive’ has been scheduled to hit the domestic silver screens in December.

Directed by Hossein Amiri-Doumari and Pedram Pour-Amiri, the film will appear in Iranian cinemas soon.

The movie was previously supposed to go on screen in November, but its screening program saw a modification.

‘Alive’ follows the story of a wedding and the events that take place after the ceremony.

"To God I swear, if you ask me about dinner or what we are going to have tonight once more, I'll hang myself here and right now, so you will forget all about food. No one dies of hunger", a brief synopsis for the film reads.

Hamed Behdad, Fatemeh Motamed-Arya, Javad Ezzati, Baran Kosari, Ali Shademan, Masoud Keramati, and Giti Qasemi also have appeared in the flick.