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Tbilisi film festival hosting ‘Castle of Dreams’

The 20th Tbilisi Int'l Film Festival in Georgia is screening Iran’s ‘Castle of Dreams’.

The 20th edition of the Tbilisi International Film Festival (TIFF) in Georgia has been screening Iran’s feature ‘Castle of Dreams’.

Directed by Reza Mirkarimi, the movie is being screened at Horizons section which displays full-length fiction films from all over the world except Europe.

“Jalal Moradi, a 42-year-old father of two, kills a relative in an accident. In the court of law, the murder is recognized as accidental killing without intent. After getting out of prison, he leaves his wife and kids and moves to another city. Two years later, he must go back to his home town as his wife is brain-dead,” a synopsis for the film reads.

The film is starring Hamed Behdad, Mohammad Asgari, Zhila Shahi, Akbar Ayeen, Azadeh Nobahar, Mohammad Ashkanfar, Youna Tadayyon, and Niyousha Alipour.

‘Castle of Dreams’ has managed to bag several awards at various international festivals.

The Tbilisi International Film Festival is organized by Cinema Art Center Prometheus.

It aims to present the best films from all over the world to Georgian and international audience, to encourage better communication and understanding of people from different countries and different cultural backgrounds.

The 20th edition of the TIFF began on December 1 and is set to run until December 8, 2019.