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‘Prophet Moses’ kicks off shooting

New biopic on ‘Prophet Moses’ life has officially kicked off shooting.

Iran big-budget biopic series project ‘Prophet Moses’ by renowned director Jamal Shourjeh has officially embarked on pre-production stage.

The shooting was launched in Abd al-Aziz al-Hasani (PBUH) Holy Shrine with the director and a bunch of cast team in attendance.

In his speech at the gathering, Shourjeh said that, “I hope ‘Prophet Moses’ will be able to bring unity among religions.”

Having been frequently mentioned in the Quran, Bible, and the Torah, the story of Prophet Moses (PBUH) has been universally recognized as one of historical as well as religious significance.

In fact, the narrative of Moses has appeared more times in the Quran than any other Prophet.

Latest reports have revealed that ‘Prophet Joseph’ star Parvaneh Masoumi has been cast to appear in the series.

Jamal Shourjeh returns to ‘Prophet Moses’



When will this film be release? Will it be translated in English