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Les Nuits Magiques filmfest to screen Iran’s ‘The Cycling Wind’

The 29th Int’l Animated Film Festival 'Les Nuits Magiques' in France is to screen Iranian ‘The Cycling Wind’.

The 29th edition of the International Animated Film Festival 'Les Nuits Magiques' in France has set to screen Iranian short animated piece ‘The Cycling Wind’.

Directed by Nazanin Sobhan Sarbandi, the 6-minute animation is about a young wind that comes into possession of a bike, which helps the wind to blow even faster without spending much energy.

The freedom and strength generated by the bike let the wind to embark on new adventures.

Screened at events such as the 9th Bike Shorts Film Festival in the US, ‘The Cycling Wind’ is scheduled for screening on 4, 11 and 14 December in a one-hour-14-minute package intended for children over 7, along with other titles from France, the Czech Republic, Norway, Germany, Spain and Belgium.

The 'Les Nuits Magiques' aims to showcase the richness and diversity of animated cinema by screening short and animated feature films from around the world using different animation techniques, according to the event's organizers.

The 29th International Animated Film Festival 'Les Nuits Magiques', which kicked off on December 4 in Bègles in the Gironde department in southwestern France, will run until December 15.