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Cinema Verite announces Out of Competition lineup

The 13th Cinema Verite in Iran announces its Out of Competition lineup.

The 13th edition of the Cinema Verite, Iran's major documentary film festival, has announced its Out of Competition lineup.

The 13th Cinema Verite announced the names of 16 documentaries which are supposed to be screened at the festival’s “Out of Competition” section as follows:

‘Sleep Peacefully Kourosh’ by Ali Farahani

‘Mr. Tayyab’ (Aqaye Tayyab) by Siavash Naqshbandi

‘Hope of a Tired City’ (Omide Shahre Khasteh) by Maryam Elhamian and Mostafa Haji-Qasemi

‘Words Lady’ (Vajeha Banou) by Mohammad Talebi

‘A Light Bulb’ (Cheraghe Barq) by Pouria Khalaj-Tehrani

‘Story of Captain Khorshid’ (Dastane Nakhoda Khorshid) by Mohammad Arefinia

‘Dalia’ by Kamran Jahedi

‘The Light of Life’ (Roshnaye Zendegi) by Maryam Farhang

‘Crash - 1985’ (Soqout - 64) by Behrad Mehrjou

'Share Date' By Masoud Babaee

‘Call Me Mom’ (Sedam Kon Maman) by Bahareh Rahnama

‘Kami’ by Mitra Ebrahimi

‘Ring Road’ (Kamarbandi) by Mahmoud Zakeri

‘Little Flower’ (Gole Kouchak) by Amir Zwaini

‘Orientalist’ (Mostashreq) by Masoud Taheri

'Hashash' by Mohammad-Reza Khoshfarman

Organized by the Documentary and Experimental Film Center, the first edition of the Cinema Verite was held in 2007.

Over the past decade it has emerged as one of the important events on Iran's documentary calendar.

The 13th edition of the Cinema Verite will be held in Tehran on December 9-16, 2019.