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Paris mobile filmfest awards Iranian ‘Wallet’

The 15th Mobile Film Festival in France awards Iranian short ‘Wallet’.

The 15th edition of the Mobile Film Festival in France has awarded Iranian short ‘Wallet’.

Directed by Fatima Nofely, the short film received international grand prize (worth €20,000) at the French event.

‘Wallet’ depicts a future when water becomes the common currency in the world.

“Considering how things are evolving, it wouldn't be surprising if water becomes the international currency,” the festival’s website describes the flick’s plot.

Maryam Soleymani, Payam Izadi, Rozheh Hashemi, Milad Farrokhi, and Mehdi Akbari play the roles in ‘Wallet’.

The French grand prize of the event went to ‘Scream’ by Gonzague Legout from France while Vinamra Pancharia from India won the best director award for ‘AntIhuman’.

‘Vacation’ by Chris Axworthy and Robert Peacock from the UK received the best screenplay award and David Murad from Brazil took home the special mention for ‘Statement’.

Precious Iroagalachi grabbed the spotlight award for ‘Plastic Treasures’ while the extra court award was presented to ‘How Dare You!’ by Samphe Ballamingie from Canada.

The event’s award for best actor/actress and the audience award respectively went to ‘#Everything Is Fine’ by Matthieu Boivineau and ‘The Red Days’ by Anatole Levilain-Clément, both from France.

The French event also screened ‘Rescue’ co-directed by Masoud Qanbarlou and Fardin Takramian as well as ‘The Father of Trees’ by Teymour Qaderi, both from Iran.

Organized in collaboration with Youtube, the 2019 edition of the Mobile Film Festival was held with the theme of climate change on November 14-30 in Paris, France.