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‘Leylaj’ unveils latest teaser

Iranian drama ‘Leylaj’ releases second teaser.

Iranian melodrama ‘Leylaj’ directed by Dariush Yari has officially released its second teaser.

Currently on screen in theaters across Iran, the feature written by Sara Khosro Abadi is the director’s third.

Yari’s film is a thrilling story about Rana, a musician who plays traditional Iranian instruments.

While on tour in Europe, she finds out that her daughter has gone to Rana’s birthplace in order to save her father.

Having fled her birthplace once before, Rana is forced to go back, this time in order to save her daughter.

Starring in the film are Mehran Ahmadi, Hamed Komeili, Reza Akhlaqi, Nasrin Babaei, Majid Pataki, and Kimia Moradian.

The film was produced by Alireza Abolqasemi.