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ifilm exclusive report on Iranian animation ‘Benjamin’

Watch ifilm exclusive report on Iranian animation ‘Benjamin’ by Mohsen Enayati.

ifilm English TV has published an exclusive report on Iranian animation ‘Benjamin’ directed by Mohsen Enayati.

ifilm has interviewed the producer Mostafa Hassan-Abadi, the voice actress Tina Hashemi, the production director Javad Rezaee, the music composer Behzad Abdi, and the director Enayati, as well as some young cinemagoers.

“Benjamin’s clumsy yet sweet friend, Asher, screws up, prompting the capture of Benjamin’s mother by the king’s soldiers. Benjamin decides to embark on a hazardous journey to save his mother. This marks the beginning of Asher and Benjamin’s adventures,” reads a synopsis for the film.

The animation was well received by children and families during its screening at the 32nd International Film Festival for Children and Youth in Iran.

It also managed to garner the Best Animated Film award at the event which was held last August in Isfahan.

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