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Iranian docs could rival int’l films: Austrian specialist

Austrian sound specialist expresses satisfaction with Iranian docs at the 13th Cinema Vérité.

Eric Spitzer-Marlyn, the Austrian sound engineer and composer, has expressed his satisfaction with the Iranian documentaries at the 13th edition of the Cinema Vérité.

Spitzer-Marlyn held a workshop on the power of sound and music in documentaries at the event.

He stated that documentary film festivals are proper places for those who are in search of the truth.

Considering his first presence in Iran for a previous edition of the Cinema Vérité, Spitzer-Marlyn said he was surprised to see Iranian people’s enthusiasm for films and movies.

“I came to Iran without any knowledge about the present. Well, we know about the past, but because of the rumors of western media about Iran I had no idea; but then I talked to many people and I met many honorable people and I came to realize how wonderful this country and its people are,” he said.

The Austrian specialist stated film is still a full form of art in Iran. In his view, Iranian documentaries could compete with international films in terms of their quality of image, content and sound.

According to Spitzer-Marlyn, he is familiar with Iranian cinema and has watched many Iranian films.

He is a long collaborator of the famous German director Werner Herzog.

The Austrian specialist is a special guest of the 2019 Cinema Vérité. He is invited to hold a workshop on the power of sound and music in documentaries.

He attended the previous edition of the Cinema Vérité and held workshops that received high attention.

Organized by the Documentary and Experimental Film Center, the first edition of the Cinéma Vérité was held in 2007.

Over the past decade, it has emerged as one of the important events on Iran's documentary film calendar.

Opened on December 9, the 13th Cinéma Vérité will be running till December 16.

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