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Tehran Int’l FICTS Festival reveals doc lineup

The 12th Tehran Int'l FICTS Film Festival announces documentary lineup.

The 12th edition of the Tehran International FICTS Film Festival has revealed documentary lineup.

According to a press release, a total of 15 Iranian and foreign documentary feature films have been selected to go on screen at the documentary section of the event.

Some of the foreign lineup includes ‘The Dragon Spring’ by Polish director Jaroslaw Wszedybyl, ‘Rigert’ by Vladimir Eysner from Russia, ‘The Bull of Pallonetto’ by Luigi Barletta from Italy, ‘Rigert’ by Vladimir Eysner from Russia, ‘Freddy’ by Bertasio from Argentina and  ‘That 10 Seconds’ by Adel Anisi.

Iranian doc lineup also includes ‘Shahsavar’ by Ali Shahmohammadi, ‘Waterfall’ by Ali Shahabinejad and ‘Serik’ by Bahareh Afshari.

The FICTS (Federation Internationale Cinema Television Sportifs) is the organizer of the event, which is the final phase of the World FICTS Challenge that runs in 16 countries, including Iran.

The Tehran FICTS will be held in collaboration with the National Olympic and Paralympic Committee, the Ministry of Sports and Youth, IRIB and the Tehran Municipality.

The entries in the festival cover the themes that aim at promoting the objectives of the Olympics and strengthening the strong spirit of Olympics and athletic mannerism.

Winners of the festival will be honored during a special ceremony on the Persian Gulf island of Qeshm.

The lineup of the other sections of the festival and the jury members will be announced in a not distant future.