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Iran’s ‘Qarlavaj’ named best doc at Turkish festival

Iran's ‘Qarlavaj’ is named best doc at the Int'l Silk Road Awards in Turkey.

Iranian short documentary has grabbed an award at the 2019 International Silk Road Awards in Turkey.

‘Qarlavaj’ won the Best Documentary award at the international section of the 7th International Silk Road Awards, Iranian Youth Cinema Society reported on Wednesday.

Written and directed by Ehsan Kamali, the film is about an old Turkmen man who gets stuck in a love triangle with his wife and their horse, which is the only one in the village. In the meantime, they experience sweet and bitter moments.

The documentary shows the importance of horses among the Turkmens and the astounding emotional bond between the members of the ethnic group and their horses.

"The thoroughbred Turkmen horse is part of the identity and culture of the Turkmen. They have considered horses as a member of their family and a part of their identity for many years. Despite their hard financial conditions and the high cost of keeping horses … they do their best to continue keeping them," a short description written on the film’s poster reads.

The 7th International Silk Road Awards will reportedly take place in Istanbul on December 12, 2019.