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Alwar Int’l Film Festival to host Iran short lineup

The 1st Alwar Int'l Film Festival in India is to host 7 Iranian short titles.

The 1st edition of the Alwar International Film Festival in India has revealed official selection with 7 Iranian short titles being in the list.

The short film lineup from Iran includes ‘Under The Blade’by Javid Farahani,‘The sanil’by Mohammad Torivarian, ‘Dance of Life’ by Peyman Zandi and ‘The Pains of the Sea’ by Mohammad-Reza Masoudi.

Also included in the short documentary list are ‘Invisible’ co-directed by Shirin Barghnavard and Mohammed Raza Jahanpanah and ‘The Last Top’ by Shahin Mansour.   

‘O One O’ co-directed by Meysam Moeeni and Hassan Mirmoezi will also represent Iran as an experimental short film.

All nominated films will receive laurels and an invitation to the event. Award winners will be announced in a grand ceremony after the screenings.

According to the official website of the event, Alwar International Film Festival is an opportunity for filmmakers who don’t necessarily have a large budget, but a vision and an important story to tell.

The event will be held in Alwar in the northern Indian state of Rajasthan on January 4-5, 2020.