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‘The Agitation’ releases official poster

‘The Agitation’ unveils latest poster prior to screening.

The official poster of the Iranian film ‘The Agitation’ has been released.

Directed by Fereydoun Jeirani, the film is set to go on screen in theaters across Iran tomorrow.

The film narrates the story of twin brothers Bardia and Barbod, both played by Bahram Radan, who have been rivals since they were young.

Barbod, an unsuccessful writer, and Bardia, a businessman, decide to go on a trip together after running into each other following a four year gap in their relationship.

During the road trip, their old rivalry sparks up once again.

Radan is joined by Mehran Ahmadi, Nasim Adabi, Mahnaz Afshar, Nazanin Solhjou, and Ehsan Mohammadi as members of the film’s cast.