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‘Salaam Mumbai’ director to make film in Vietnam

Iranian director Qorban Mohammadpour is to make his next film in Vietnam.

Iranian director Qorban Mohammadpour who made the box office hit ‘Salaam Mumbai’ has stated that he will shoot his next film in Vietnam.

The director told Iranian media outlets “The screenplay of the co-production between Iran and Vietnam named ‘Falling in Love in Hanoi’ has been completed and shooting will begin in two months.”

He also noted that the production team is waiting for the Vietnam government’s permission and the major part of the film will be shot in the country.

“Two main members of the cast will be from Vietnam,” Mohammadpour said.

‘Falling in Love in Hanoi’ tells the story of a man named Ali who is suffering from depression since his fiancé was killed in an accident.

Ali’s parents decide to send him to Vietnam to visit a friend named Ahmad in order to change his mood, but several events are waiting for Ali as he arrives in Hanoi.

Mohammadpur made his previous films ‘Salaam Mumbai’ and ‘The Devil’s Daughter’ in India with casts from Iranian cinema and the Bollywood.