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Bahram Radan's ‘Black Cat’ wraps up filming

Filming ‘Black Cat’, produced by Iranian actor Bahram Radan, wraps up.

Filming the feature film ‘Black Cat’ (Gorbeh Siah), produced by popular Iranian actor Bahram Radan, has wrapped up.

Karim Amini began filming ‘Black Cat’ in mid-October. The movie is currently going through the editing stage and is expected to be screened next year.

‘Black Cat’ targets a young audience. “It all started with a sunset that was no longer bleak,” a synopsis for the film reads.

The film is written by Ali Asghari who has written successful scenarios such as ‘The Corridor’, ‘Tsunami’ and ‘Night Shift’.

Morteza Hodaee, the director of photography of the award-winning film ‘Castle of Dreams', is the cinematographer of ‘Black Cat’.

The film is starring Tarlan Parvaneh, Kia Rokni and Hossein Pourkarimi.