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ifilm to air ‘Grilled at Tehran Café’ on Saturday

ifilm has set to air ‘Grilled at Tehran Café’ movie on Saturday.

ifilm has set to air ‘Grilled at Tehran Café’ movie on Saturday.

Directed by Shahed Ahmadlou, the murder mystery movie will hit the air at 22:00 GMT on December 21. It is also scheduled to repeat the next day at 04:00, 10:00 and 16:00 all GMT times.

“Mrs. Azimi is a rich old lady who has been murdered along with her servant in a break in at her home. Inspector Kavian believes there is little evidence proving the prime suspect, a mentally-challenged man named Qassem, was the killer.

He decides to set him free and keep him under surveillance in his search for the main culprit. Tehran Café is the key location where Kavian finds clues to solve the mystery after long conversations with Jalal, the story’s most complicated character.”

Notable among the cast members of the flick are Mehdi Soltani-Sarvestani, Houman Barqnavard and Parvin Meykadeh.

Of the same director, ifilmers have already seen ‘The Honeymoon’, ‘Mr. and Ms. Sangi’ and ‘How Much for you to Cry?’. He has also starred in some of the channel’s series including ‘The Special Unit’.