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ifilm talks with actress best known for comedy

In an exclusive interview, ifilm has talked with ‘Warm Breath’ actress about her acting career.

 In an exclusive interview, ifilm holds a talk with ‘Warm Breath’ actress Marjaneh Golchin.

The actress who typically appears in Iranian series in the comedy genre reveals interesting details on her acting career. Below is a selected translation of the channel’s interview with Golchin originally conducted in Persian.

ifilm: In most of your roles, you play a lively energetic character,  I’m wondering if you see these roles close to your real character

Actress: The ones who know me can completely feel the difference between me and what they see before the camera. Quite the opposite, I’m shy in my personal life that is when in a gathering, I just go to a corner and don’t want to take the center stage.

I don’t know what happens to me in front of the camera, I change to a totally different person.

In fact, there are different situations that require different acting skills from the actor. Right now I'm proud of being a comedian who has come up with a way of acting with the use of body. I will definitely go on with this with no intend to quit this.    

 ifilm: How come you supersized the audiences with your role as female Muslim preacher in ifilm series ‘Warm Breath’?

Actress: Yes. In general, I am an actress doing my performance with a lot of hand movements and mimics. It is, however, in the role I played in the series "Warm Breath", I had to scrape all of them and become a person whose inner-self is full of comfort. While my encounter with this story and my character were fascinating to me, I was worried and frightened. Given that such roles are like being on the edge of the razor and can easily degenerate into sloganeering. In 'Warm Breath', I had to break down the stereotype and get close to the role of a person who should be very patient and calm. Such change presents a hard challenge to any actor. Fortunately, the script has a very complete characterization and this matter helped me a lot.

ifilm: Why did you drift away from such roles in all these years, preferring to appear in Television comic series and even kept distance from cinema?

Actress: For many years, especially in cinema, I received some scripts that were not very appealing to me. In the 1980s, I had good experiences in "Twenty-ninth Night" and "My Eyes For You". I always wanted to go back to the screen when I had something to say. To put myself to the test again for being in a serious ambiance. Now I think 'Warm Breath' provided me with the opportunity to make a comeback.

ifilm: Do you want to continue acting in such roles or are you more inclined to comedy works?

Actress: Having appeared in comedy works for a couple of years now, I received very good feedback from the beloved audiences. This feeling is fine and that means a lot to me. I wouldn't put down my offer, though, if I come across a good script and director providing me with a favorable experience in a drama. I also played a series named 'Looks Like Rain Coming', in which I had a serious role and hopefully the audience would like it.